Frequently Asked Questions

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Pro-Cite started doing business in Brevard County in 1986. I got my early experience in Maryland working for a large pool finishing company. On average, my crew would finish 12-15 pools every week until winter. I would safely guess I've done well over 4,500 pools. Experience like that is not too common in Brevard.

I can give you many names of previous customers. The best way to know the competency of a contractor is to ask friends, neighbors, businesses, licensing boards, and Better Business organizations.

I personally do all the preparation and tile work in my pools. I do have a highly experienced crew that helps with the actual coating process. You simply cannot find a more experienced company to apply your new pool surface.

I work very efficiently having done this for so long, and I do only one pool at a time. Once the process starts, I schedule work every day until completion, usually only 3 days, weather permitting.

With me, you know that you're getting your money's worth. Why pay more with a larger pool company, only to have slightly experienced workers with questionable ethics or methods? Why pay less with another company when you risk compromise on your job, or a warranty that's worthless when he's out of business, or too broke to fix what he screwed up? You cannot expect a better job from an employee than from someone who works for himself. My experience and reputation should give you peace of mind.

My average lead time is 2-3 weeks. If you have special needs I can work with you around them.

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